Saturday, September 15, 2012

September 11, 2012

The camp host is back -- he had a problem with his trailer and went to get it fixed.  We got ready and cleaned out the gray and black water tanks really good and then washed the black love bugs off the front of the Silverado.  We left Louisiana and got to mom’s in Liberty, Texas at 2:00 PM.  My brother Elton, Jim and I walked across the street to have a consultation with her doctor about the operation that is to be done on mother’s ankle.  We took the Casita to Elton’s house and then set it up there.  Martha was going to Porter to finish cleaning out her mother’s trailer and she came by Elton’s for a while and talked.  Allen came by after he got off work and then Jim went with him back to mom’s house to get our Toyota Avalon.  When Jim got back he grilled a couple of steaks and some chicken for Elton and us to eat for dinner.  We will be at my brother’s house at least until Friday and maybe Saturday.

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