Friday, September 7, 2012

September 5, 2012

We left the Ozark National Scenic Riverway today and drove to North Little Rock, Arkansas.  On the way we stopped at Mammoth Springs and found a geocache in the park.  There are lots of springs in this part of the country.  They sure are a pretty aqua blue.  We got a site at the city RV park on the Arkansas River in North Little Rock.  The park is by a bridge that leads you over the Arkansas River to the Clinton Library, downtown Little Rock, and the Market District.  Next to us is the Verizon Arena.  All are within walking distance.  (The park is only $11.50 if you belong to Passport America).  It was too hot too walk, though, so we drove across the river.  It was 101 degrees today.  After getting to the RV park at 3:00 PM we just stayed inside the Casita until around 6:45 PM.  It took a while for the Casita to cool down.  We went to Boscos Brewpub and then to the Flying Saucer and watched the first half of the Cowboy game.  We went back to the Casita and called Allen about the mail and finished watching the Cowboy game.  At 9:00 PM it’s still 92 degrees.

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