Saturday, September 1, 2012

September 1, 2012

We only got ¼ inch of rain last night.  We stayed around camp until around noon and then found a geocache in the park by the dam at the lake.  Then we found another one on the way to the town of Golconda.  It was in the woods, in a small container, hanging 6 feet in a tree.  We went to some antique stores in Golconda and saw the Ohio River.  We had a beer at a bar and watched some TV and then we found a geocache in a small park by a basketball court.  A boy was shooting hoops by himself and asked if we were geocaching.  He knew where the one we just found was. Then we looked for four more geocaches in this town and didn’t find any of them.  One was supposed to be at the base of a really large maple tree in a cemetery but we couldn’t even find that one.  We rarely fail in finding geocaches.  Jim thinks someone found them and got rid of them.  We did find another terrapin, though.

We went back to camp and had supper.  Part of our drive today was on the “Trail of Tears”.  This was the route of the forced relocation in the 1830s of southern U.S. Indian tribes to reservations in Indian Territory (now Oklahoma).  The sun was shining off and on all afternoon and it was hot.  After returning to the Casita there were a lot of weather advisories on TV.  Severe weather was headed straight for us from the west and when it started to rain, Jim and I got in the Silverado and headed for the brick restroom.  We sat outside in the truck and watched the radar on his Ipad.  All of a sudden our phones rang and they had a text message from Verizon --  “Extreme Alert – Tornado Warning – Take Cover Immediately”.  We got out of the truck and went into the ladies room and sat on the bench in a shower.  The shower had more walls around it and away from the windows.  We stayed inside until the warning had expired and then we drove back to the Casita.  It is still raining at 8:30 pm.  Jim is following the UT/Wyoming game on his phone.

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